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    Aignep has 5 division of products: fittings, quick couplings, automations, fluid control (Fluidity), air pipeline (Infinity).

  • ATOS

    Atos is a leading manufacturer of components & systems in electrohydraulics: the advanced technology that integrates hydraulics with electronics to improve the performances of modern machinery


    Company leader in the design and construction of main hydraulic components with passion and attention to detail.

  • FOX

    Fox produces hydropneumatic accumulators (and his derivatives), pulsation dampeners and calibration pots, and one dedicated to the construction of instrumentation for the control of pressure, level, temperature and flow.


     IKRON, specialists in designing and fabricating of filters


    I.M.M. Hydraulics is, for over of 30 years, leader in manufacturing of high quality hose, fittings and accessories. With five manufacturing sites located in Europe. I.M.M. is part of Interpump group

    Through investment from the Interpump Group into the hydraulics market, various manufacture and product brands were acquired, creating a single source offering to the market place for all of its fluid transfer needs. Interpump Fluid Solutions was created to encompass all of these manufacturers into a one source provider of certified and compatible hydraulic hose, fittings, machines and accessories.

    Manufactured in Europe and distributed through our network of branches in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom and the U.S.

    Interpump Fluid Solutions currently incorporates 3 manufacture and product brands including Hypress, Hydralok and GS-Hydro.

  • ODE

    Since 1960 ODE (Officine di Esino Lario) has been providing customized desings and production of solenoid valves for manufacturers and system integrators following our fundamental principles of quality, adaptability and reliability, including excellent post sale service.

  • PZB

    PZB is the world's largest manufacturer of professional high pressure piston pumps, power take-offs, hydraulic distributors, pneumatic and mechanical controls, tanks, hydraulic kit and accessories for trucks and vehicles.


    Waircom MBS is one of the leading Italian companies specializing in the production of pneumatic components for industrial automation.


    Walvoil designs and manufactures hydraulic and electronic products and systems for mobile equipment.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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