The hydraulic oil filtration

The hydraulic oil filtration
The oil filtration is an operation of fundamental importance, especially in mechanical processing, in order to remove residues from cutting tools or grinders.
The fluid used to favor the development of the process also has as its goal to remove heat and to lubricate.
The oil has a significant cost, especially for the so smaltimento.Risulta, in this regard, the fundamental step of cleaning which subsequently allows to reuse the same amount of fluid.
This can only happen if a filtration is carried out such as to ensure efficient cleaning in order to reintroduce the fluid into the process in the same starting operating conditions.
All filters base their operation on the presence of a filtering barrier that separates the dirty from the clean oil in two separate rooms. This kind of network allows the passage of oil that can be reused inquiante holding back the particles that must subsequently be removed.
Precautions should be taken, therefore, the particles that are able to overcome this barrier and this is defined as the filtration capacity.
Smaller particles are those that manage to move on, and if so these are in the minority compared to other particles, larger in size, simply install a filter with filtration grade not too late.
If the quantities are high absolute values ​​should be set up much finer filters to avoid collecting debris too polluted by oil.

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