The hydraulic cylinders

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The cylinders differ in double-acting cylinders and single-acting cylinders.

In the double-acting one, both strokes are actuated by oil or pressurized air, while in the single-acting one only one of the strokes is actuated with the fluid under pressure.

The functioning of a cylinder occurs through the movement of a piston inside a cylindrical tube (called jacket) between which a seal is guaranteed, through the use of particular gaskets.

The cylinder then consists of further elements such as the head which is in most cases started in the front and the bottom (or even the rear head), which is welded to the bottom of the cylinder.

Based on the type of application and the different needs, the different cylinder anchoring attachments are chosen (fixed, oscillating, tilting, etc.)

There are different types of cylinders among which it is worth mentioning:

-Double-acting cylinder, the most common type, allows it to be used for the most varied applications, both strokes are actuated by the force of the oil under pressure.

-cylinder with plunging piston, single-acting with low costs where only one dynamic seal is required for the rod. The return of the piston therefore takes place by means of external forces (in most cases "by fall" or by the weight of the application itself).

-Through rod cylinder that allows for very long strokes and has three dynamic seals, one for the piston and two for the rod. Precision machining is required.

- Telescopic cylinder. The major advantage of this type of cylinder is that it is possible to have considerable strokes with very small overall dimensions. The construction is very complex and therefore with higher costs also because multiple dynamic seals are required.


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