Hydraulic system

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The hydraulic is a branch of fluid mechanics that find application in mechanical engineering and deals with the study of energy transmission via pressurized fluid, in particular hydraulic oil (energy carrier).

In the typical hydraulic application, the oil flow generated by a pump in a hydraulic circuit is used to move a jack or a hydraulic motor according to the desired mechanical effect (force or movement) is linear or rotary.

A classical oil-hydraulic linear actuator is the cylinder, consisting of a jacket in which slides a piston, which pushes a rod that exerts the motion. For the rotary motion to the wheels just think the construction equipment such as excavators and large tractors, or think of the winches to hoist the nets of fishing boats where they serve high torques and angular velocities usually mild.

The hydraulic industry is booming worldwide due to its great ability to handle large powers through components of reduced size and weight compared to alternative technologies.

Italy occupies a leading role in the European market and is among the top 5 global manufacturers of hydraulic components.

Source: Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia


The Hydraulic industry has encountered, from 1960 a remarkable success in various fields.

The reason is the fact that this new technology manages to combine power formidable concentrations with extraordinary capacity of regulation and control.

It allows the most elegant and effective solutions to very important problems that were previously considered impossible to solve. This is why it has replaced in fact electromechanical transmissions in complex projects, ranging from very deep oil drilling, the siderugia and the aeronautical industry, the major engineering works, which have been realized thanks to increasingly advanced un'oleodinamica who led to global changes in everyday life. The future has never been so close.


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